"rather the dew on the window of the castle than the castle itself rather the flight of the birds rather burned than captured"Robert Montgomery

Vasantha Yogananthan
La Traversée, 2012.

"I now wander the earth, a ghost, with no intent to write, but carrying a spark in my fingertips, which keeps me in a state of constant fibrillation, neither dead nor alive, a will-o’-the-wisp of stress, art, and the hours."

Mary Ruefle, A Minor Personal Matter (via mirroir)

(Source: invisiblestories)


Francesco Binfaré for Edra ItalyAngels Series1996

Rest Ian Curtis, I hope it really is in peace.
(15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980)

Janet Leigh and John Gavin filming a scene on the set of Psycho (1960)

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